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Indoor Engagement Photography and Why We Love It

Indoor Engagement Photography

I’m going to preface this with saying, I’m not against outdoor photography.  People love it and it’s beautiful.  But it’s not your ONLY option!  Often times, people look down on shooting photography indoors.  I feel that came from people thinking of studio sessions as your only indoor option.  When in reality, that is simply not true.

Here, I am going to list off some of the awesome reasons as to why we love this type of photography.


One of the major reasons we love indoor engagement photography is because we live in Minnesota.  If you live in or have ever been in Minnesota for an extended period of time, you’ll know this.  The weather is an unstable creature.  It can be super hot and humid, rainy, and snow within a two week period.  If you’re inside, you don’t have to worry about the weather.  Not only that, but you can also pop outside here and there for a mix of indoor and outdoor photos.

Control of Environment

This is such a huge part of making photography incredible.  If you have control of your environment, it’s one less thing to think about.  Easy example – if you’re outdoor in a public place, you have no idea how many people are going to be there.  And that’s what you deal with because those people have every right to be there.  However, if you are on your own property, it’s just you.  You also can do whatever you want.  In many outdoor spaces, there are limits.  Some public places don’t allow you to use a tripod, for examples.


Let’s face it, if you’re in your own home, you’re comfortable.  Or, at least you’re more comfortable than if you are out in public.  It’s just the nature of how we operate.  Because of this, we feel that we get more authentic photography when we are in peoples’ homes.  I feel the same because I have had photographers take photos of us in our home and in public.  Home is just a comfy place. Also, the logistics are great.  If you need a bathroom break or have to touch up makeup or change clothes, you’re in your own place.


I’ve said this a million times, but I’ll never stop.  If you shoot indoors, specifically at your home, your photos will add that much more of your personality.  One of the big things that shows off the personality of the two of you is your home.  Case in point, when we had photos of us taken at home, the photos were full of geeky stuff.  Horror movie and music posters, Funko Pops, our animals, and more.  Reading this, I know you are picturing in your mind what your personality would bring to a session.

So then the question becomes, how do I do this?  Where do I start?  Well, you have a lot of indoor options, the best being your home.  Here are some examples:

Your Home


There are no limitations or extra costs at your own home.  You are also the most comfortable at your home.


You may have to clean your home and you may have a really small space.  If you are worried about the amount of space you have, ask your photographer.

AirBnb or Other Rental Space


A lot of these spaces have a general theme to them. For example, we just shot an indoor winter session.   The Airbnb had a very cabin theme going on.  It was adorable.  It’s one less thing to think about and makes for awesome photography.  Also, you don’t have to clean the space.  Several couples that go this route also make a weekend out of it by staying at the Airbnb.  It’s a nice way to unwind from wedding planning.


Extra cost.

Public Indoor Space (Museum, Brewery, Coffee Shop, Etc)


These places have great atmosphere, are beautiful and may have a special significance to you.


Many of these places do not allow professional photography.  Those that do may require a permit.  We have seen public indoor places costs range anywhere from $30 to $300.


So there you go.  We love this type of photography and the results it produces.  It’s different, due to most people shooting outdoors and adds personality of our couples.  If you’d be interested in booking an indoor shoot with us, scroll to our contact sheet below.  This isn’t exclusive to engagement photography.  We love doing indoor and at home photography for families as well.

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