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Minnesota Engagement Photography Locations: Part Two

Two years ago, I created a list of engagement (and other) photography locations for the help of our clients and fellow photographers.  We very much believe in helping one another, and depending on where we are located, we may be unaware of some great locations.  For the first part, click here

Boom Island Park (Minneapolis) – Free

Style – Casual

This is one of our new favorite places to shoot.  Having shot here in the summer and that crazy in between winter and spring time, we have found a lot that we can do with it.  One area has the city in the background (as seen above), while others are more woodsy, allowing there to be numerous looks. 


St. Anthony Main (Minneapolis) – Free

Style – City, Vintage

St. Anthony Main is really pretty.  It has a vintage style to it with the buildings, cobblestone, and riverfront.  The one main downside photo wise however, is how secure those working in the the gorgeous buildings are.  We were allowed to shoot through a window to get a shot of clients that wanted engagement photos with coffee cups, however, we had to pay $250 because we would be shooting into the restaurant through the window.  And no, $250 is not a typo.  So that was a little tough, as it was not the only place down there like that.    

Nicollet Island (Minneapolis) – Free

Style – City

Love Nicollet Island! It’s another area close to St. Anthony, so it has that vintage look in one area, while the look changes considerably about a block away.  You can get some amazing water and woodsy shots here, while walking another block for a more industrial look. 

Harriet Island – West Side (St. Paul)  – Free

Style – City, Romantic

Harriet Island was included in our part one, but it was the other side.  I’m a bigger fan of the West Side because of the view of the city.  The view is fantastic for clients looking for the riverfront, but also really like the city.

Minnehaha Falls – Minneapolis (Free)

Woodsy, Romantic

Minnehaha Falls is often asked for as an engagement photography location by our clients.  It is a beautiful area, but there are a few cons to it.  The area is often very busy, which can be tough to combat if you are in a time crunch.  It was one of the first places we shot an engagement session and the photos ended up looking a bit touristy in nature, so it is key to avoid that.  I would advise going to the area on very off hours.


Loring Park (Minneapolis)  – Free

Style – City, Romantic, Vintage

This is a really fun location.  I swear it was just set up by photographers.  There is a very vintage looking alleyway.  It looks like a back alley in Europe.  Then there are all the colors (see above).  

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