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Black Beach Engagement Photography: Kasey & Monique | North Shore | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

This shoot was so awesome.  Minnesota’s Black Beach engagement photography is something else.  Real beach engagement photography too, not just by the little lakes we live by.  It was beautiful.

Kasey and Monique booked us over the phone, so we didn’t meet them until the day of this shoot. When that happens, you never really know who you are going to meet, whether you are the photographer or the one being photographed. We met the two of them for pie in Two Harbors prior to the shoot to get to know one another a little better first. There is some really good pie in Two Harbors. This beach was hidden away, so we had to park on the side of Highway 61 and then trek downhill to get to it. Kasey and Monique chose to do their engagement photos in the North Shore because they both grew up by the ocean, so they figured Lake Superior is the closest to it they could get around here.

One of the funnier things they kept saying during this session was they really just wanted good nature shots.  They kept joking that photos of them didn’t matter as long as the nature looked good.  In the end, both them and the nature looked fabulous.  This was certainly one of our favorite engagement sessions we have ever shot.

The two of them really had a lot of fun during the shoot, which made it so easy on everyone. There was a lot of laughing and goofing around, which we just love. They are both such fun people and we had a lot of fun shooting their wedding over the Fourth of July weekend the following year.

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