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White Bear Country Inn Wedding: Lindsey & Jeremy | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We have spent quite a bit of time doing White Bear Country Inn wedding photography lately, whether it be only for getting ready photos or full weddings.  White Bear Country Inn wedding photography is a lot of fun because the venue has a lot of looks to it.  Plus, White Bear Lake has that park and city look to it that leans to good variety.

Lindsey and Jeremy are so wonderful.  It was such an honor to shoot their day.  We have never had clients who have been so excited to do wedding photography with us.  It was so awesome.  I heard from Lindsey in one way or another constantly throughout their engagement.  Both of them also had such a great time during their wedding too, which may sound weird, but most couples get really stressed out at least once during their day.  Lindsey and Jeremy had fun the whole day.

Everything began when they booked with us.  They really loved our work and especially enjoyed that Kyle had photographed the Minnesota Vikings on a professional level.  They love the Vikings.  Her shoes and garter were Viking themed.  Their engagement session was the coldest one we have ever shot.  We offered to reschedule, which is a rarity, but they were totally game.  It was ten below zero and windy.  Any Minnesotan knows that sometimes it’s ten below, but it doesn’t feel so bad because, “at least it’s not windy”.  They brought coffee to the session for us and all four of us kept jumping back into the warm cars in between photos.  It was crazy, but they were so happy.

Lindsey and Jeremy were married at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  They later moved to the White Bear Country Inn for their reception. It was a wonderful day all the way around.

Highlights of the day:
  • They left the ceremony of a motorcycle, so we drove all over the place, following them with the camera out the side of the car.  The amount of congrats and car horn honking was unreal. That was a new one for us.
  • They were all about photography.  We always tell couples that yes, we love photography, but we understand that a wedding is a wedding, not a photo shoot.  They were so excited to do photos.
  • We drove to an apple orchard after the ceremony for photos.  It was packed to the brim, but an awesome parking attendant found us a space that I swear wasn’t really a space
  • Their desert table!!! Check it out below.
Thank you to the following people for making this day so wonderful:

Venue: White Bear Country Inn
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Rudy’s Red Eye Grill
Dress: David’s Bridal
Tux: Saavi

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