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Wedding: Elizabeth & David | Landmark Center Wedding Photography | Saint Paul, Minnesota

We shot Elizabeth and David’s historic Landmark Center wedding photography in St. Paul on a beautiful fall day.    The two of them are two of the sweetest people we have ever worked with.  Not only were they great, but so was everyone that day.

This wasn’t much of a surprise to us.  We shot a wonderful engagement session with them earlier in the year.  I’ll never forget it because they brought their adorable little Pug to the session.  During the shots without their Pug, I was enlisted to watch him.  So many people thought the Pug belonged to me.  They kept saying, “Your dog is so cute” and I finally just said, “Thank you.  Yes, he is.”

Our day began a little crazy on our end, as we forgot one of the camera batteries and Kyle rushed home to get it while I shot the getting ready photos.  This was funny looking back because we always run inventory before we leave and always joked about forgetting one of them.  So it was bound to happen eventually.  What began as really stressful for the two of us made a complete 180 that day.

If I had to describe Elizabeth that day, she seemed like a princess.

First off, she looked like one, like Snow White. But the whole day was just wonderful, the way you want a wedding to be and how you picture it as a little girl.  So, in other words, a fairy tale.  We loved working with her.  David was also awesome.  He and his groomsmen helped us create far more groomsmen photos than we ever have before in one day.  There is usually one or two unhappy bridesmaids or groomsmen, but in this case, everyone was just having a lot of fun.

Lastly, there was a guy singing into his tie like a microphone at the reception (see below).  That was just fantastic.  We hadn’t seen that before and bring it up all the time now.  It’s crazy that we had never seen it before either because it is totally something that our friends would do.



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