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Engaged : Rebecca & Cameron | St. Anthony Main | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I’m sitting here waiting for the late April blizzard to hit (and then melt) and reminising on our cold April engagement shoot from last weekend.

We tend to have some very chilly spring shoots in St. Anthony Main, for some reason.  Although the weather isn’t fun, there are some major bonuses to doing your engagement photography when it’s cold.  One, no one else is outside.  This area often is packed with people, and even if it isn’t packed, you’re guaranteed to have to be patient if you don’t want people in your shots.  So if you are brave enough to head out in the cold, you don’t have to worry much about that.  Also, cloudy days?  I’ll say it until the end of time – they are the BEST for photos!!!

Anyhow, Rebecca and Cameron were super awesome to work with.  They just wanted to have fun with their shoot.  St. Anthony Main provides a ton of different backdrops in roughly a two block radius, so you get a lot of variety.  That’s one thing we were a little concerned about with the dead look of the spring that just isn’t truly spring yet.  The buildings and river really distracted from all of that.

The best part of this shoot was when they asked if they could wear their fun hats.  The fun hats being, their Pokemon hats.  Silly and fun photos are the best as far as I’m concerned.  Look at how much fun they’re having!

The two are getting married at The St. Paul Hotel, which I can’t wait for.  That place is amazing and working with these two again will be a wonderful experience.

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