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Elopement: Tonya & Steve | Lutsen Wedding Photographer

This wedding was SO amazing.  Kyle and I both agreed that if we were getting married today, an elopement would be what we would do.  This is by far more of the “elopement” of the modern day than a traditional wedding, and we loved every minute of it.  We first met Tonya and Steve in Duluth the day after shooting a wedding.  We drove up to Duluth with all our dogs, shot their engagement photos, and then drove straight back.

Tonya and Steve opted to be married in an intimate ceremony hidden away in the woods of Lutsen.

Seriously, when we found the cabin they were married at, we wouldn’t have known it was there without being told the address.  It was very secluded.  Their ceremony was gorgeous, having the woods as a backdrop.  After the ceremony, they did any photographer’s dream.  They spent nearly two hours hiking into the beautiful cliffs and taking part in an amazing set of couple’s portraits.  Honestly, if I hired a photographer, this is what I would hire them for and we got so many beautiful shots for them.

It got better.  When we got back to the cabin for dinner, the family had made them a huge dinner of homemade tacos and a big brownie in place of a wedding cake.  Going to a wedding, hiking for hours to shoot a couple by waterfalls and cliffs, only to then go back and have tacos, is INCREDIBLE.  Loved these two.  We want all weddings we shoot to be this loving and fun.

Highlights from this day include:
  • The setting of the North Shore.  If you have never seen it, visit it.
  • Intimate wedding – we love them.
  • Crock pot tacos!
  • 007 theme
  • Spending a long time with the couple to get fabulous couple photos

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  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful couple! Incredible scenery – a very memorable day! I wish the happy couple a forever of laughter, love and time to enjoy their lives together! Nancy Johnson


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