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Engaged: Libby & Ian | Honey Lounge | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

This engagement photography session went the opposite of the way I thought it would go, and that it so much more awesome. I have to say that we just absolutely love our clients. They are so much fun.

Originally, this was planned to be a sunset shoot, mixed with indoor photos. As you can see, there was no sunset. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. But it was cloudy, which makes for fantastic photography conditions. It was also nearly forty degrees in January, but it was very windy, making for some very red ears and fingers. We shot at Boom Island Park for twenty minutes before deciding it was far too cold to continue there much longer.

After Boom Island, we went to Honey in Northeast Minneapolis, where Libby and Ian had first met at a hip hop night. They had been looking for an indoor location for winter photos and anyone who has looked for that around here knows it’s not exactly easy if you don’t want to pay permit fees. They told the people at Honey their story and they were more than happy to let them in prior to opening.

When they first contacted us, they told us they liked our work because they really liked the moody shots we did with darker lighting. I’m personally in love with that style. We don’t get to utilize it too heavily in wedding and engagement photography, so this was really exciting. Honey was the perfect location for these types of photos, as you can see below.

I originally thought we would have sunset photos and was super concerned about the indoor photos, as we had never been to Honey before. Turns out, we got awesome cloudy day photos and so many incredible shots from Honey that I can’t help but keep looking at them. Libby and Ian were really fun to work with and we are very excited to shoot their wedding next September.

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