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In Home Engagement Session: Kat and Aaron | Burnsville, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We love an in home engagement session. We have only done a few over the years.  People often think that they won’t be as much fun as they are. Kat asked to do one because they wanted to include their cats.  It’s actually a really good thing that she wanted to do it because the weather the day of the shoot was so cold. And currently, sitting in temperatures well below zero, I’m laughing at that statement, but at the time, it was really cold.

We had not met Kat and Aaron prior to the engagement session and the first time we saw them was at their new home, so it was a really different situation.

Aaron was not a big fan of getting his picture taken, which is always a bit of a challenge.  I feel that we were able to get great shots for them regardless. When it comes to that kind of challenge, it is really key to be good with people. It also another reason that I feel it is always important to do an engagement session, because it’s best to get those sort of nerves out of the way.  It also allows your photographer to learn how to work around those nerves far ahead of your big day.

Also, we got to play with cats in this session, including a little kitten!! That’s just the best. The cats liked to crawl around them too when we were shooting.  Those made for awesome candid shots. That’s another joy of an in home engagement session. There’s these little things that are very unique to couples that are only within the confides of where they live and some of those details are the sweetest things ever.

There wedding was fabulous – a beautiful Sunday that started the fall for us.

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