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Engaged: Lea and Robert | Black River Falls | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was a long drive of an engagement session on both ends, as we are shooting Lea and Robert’s wedding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year. We were going to be shooting a wedding in Two Harbors, so we always stay at my parents’ house in Hayward, Wisconsin when we shoot up there. So we planned on doing the engagement session that Friday. We found Black River Falls in the middle of Hayward and Milwaukee, but we all had to drive close to three hours just to get there. And when we got there, we found out we couldn’t access the falls due to construction.

Much like with wedding days, we have to go with the flow, and drove around to find some spots. Luckily, there were some nice areas for shooting close to us and we didn’t run out of light. Overall, it was a crazy situation, but we ended up having a lot of fun and got some great shots.

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