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Low Stress Engagement Photography: Shannon and Brian | Loring Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Ever wondered what low stress photos look like?  They look like this.

Since starting to do this job full time, our timelines have become really skewed, mainly working our big days on the weekends for weddings. However, during the week, it’s really easy to forget what day it is, as some days, we work for an hour at night, or a couple hours in the afternoon. Shannon and Brian’s engagement shoot was on Monday morning in Minneapolis, so we actually felt like regular human beings for a brief second.

The two of them are a lot of fun, very much like the two of us. We feel so comfortable around them and we know their wedding is going to be great. They came into the shoot low stress and just had a good time with it. We will be shooting their wedding in a couple months and we are very excited about it. Plus, they’re getting married at the Minnesota Boat Club, which is SO pretty!

Update: looking back at this engagement session six years later is CRAZY.  We photographed their wedding, which was on a very brisk fall day.  It was amazing and they were just as fun as on their engagement session day.  Just as low stress, as we expected.  The wind was something else that day though.  Plus, all the vendors were getting lost because Google Maps did not like routing them to the venue.  Instead, we all got routed to the bridge and halfway across it, we were told we had arrived.  Which was interesting.

Since then, we have also done baby photos for them.  It’s so cool getting to document people during all these key moments in their lives.  We feel very honored to be asked to be a part of them.

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