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Farm Engagement Photography: Chelsey and Erik | Creekside Farm | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Chelsey and Erik got married at Creekside Farm in Rush City last summer and we were lucky enough to get to do their farm engagement photography there as well.

We’ve only ever had two couples want to do their engagement photography at the venue that they are getting married at.  Depending on the venue, it can be a pretty cool experience to do the photos in the same place. This is for a number of reasons.  The first is, I believe, rather obvious.  If you do photos at your wedding venue before the wedding, it’s like a practice run.  You get to find spots you like and see what they look like prior to the wedding.  That’s very beneficial to the couple and also lessens stress on the day of.  As a photographer, I like shooting at the venue because venues often have excellent photography spots and there usually is no one else there besides the couple, photographer, and the venue owner.  It’s like having your own private set.

Bear in mind, the only other time we have been at Creekside, it was thirty degrees below zero. There were parts of the property that I didn’t even know existed when we arrived. The two were really fun to work with.  When it comes to farm engagement photography, or wedding photography for that matter, this is the place to shoot.  We hadn’t met them prior to the engagement session and they were just a joy to work with. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Take some time to check it out at the link above.

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