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Fairy Tale Wedding: Kasey and Monique | Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This is one of the weddings that made me go, “Our clients are just the BEST!”  It was a total fairy tale for so many reasons.  The venue, Kasey’s dress, the flowers, the love – it was all such a fairy tale in the making.

Kasey and Monique’s wedding day was so wonderful and all the people involved were just great to work with. The day began at the Hotel Ivy (beautiful spot, by the way) and then took us to Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens. This is the first wedding we have photographed there and love the fairy tale aspect of the grounds. Kasey’s dress looked so much like a princess dress, matching the grounds perfectly.

When we arrived at the venue, it was SO bright and hot out. We were doing everything to get our settings to coincide with the sun. Then when Kasey showed up, it cooled down to a wonderful temperature and the clouds were beautiful, making the first look and couples’ photos amazing. And if you want to see someone that is totally in love, check out the photo of when Monique sees Kasey. It’ll just melt your heart.

Amazing parts of the day:

It was raining off and on pretty much all day, so their outdoor ceremony was going back and forth a bit. The cool thing about this is that the two of them grew up around water and absolutely loved it, so it was like the water was just trying to get to them on their big day.  There was an ironic aspect to that, as they were very much about water in general.  They did their ceremony by the river, but they did their engagement photos by Lake Superior, as they love the ocean and it was the closest thing we had to an ocean around here.

When the ceremony time finally hit, it eased up until the very end. After the ceremony, someone showed us the radar and there were storms all around us, with the venue location being left alone.

Much like every wedding, after the ceremony, pretty much any and all stress was alleviated. Everyone was having so much fun at that wedding. It was a great night and even as vendors, we just loved it.

Thank you to the following vendors for helping create such a great day!

Venue: Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens
Photography: RKH Images
Accommodations: Hotel Ivy
Catering: Mintahoe
Hair & Makeup: Ziel Bridal
Dress: M. Elizabeth Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Indochino and Men’s Warehouse
Rings: Lasker’s Jeweler’s
Florist: Marah Cole Designs
Cake: Buttercream
DJ: Instant Request
Invites and Programs: Minted

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