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LGBT Couple Photography: Ashley and Chelsea | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota LGBT Photographer

Every June, we do a LGBT couple photography giveaway for Pride month. Ashley and Chelsea are our recent winners and we just shot their session with their adorable little dog, Doodle. And to be honest, Doodle pretty much took over this shoot, because how can you not with that adorable face?

If there’s one thing we very much pride ourselves in, it’s treating everyone equally.  We have shot a number of LGBT couple photography shoots, whether it be through weddings, engagement sessions, families, and more.

The day we shot this session was the day after we had shot a very hot and humid wedding.  We were all teetering on the edge of a thunderstorm. We arrived at the park and it was overcast, but it wasn’t supposed to rain for about thirty minutes. Sure enough, after the first shot, it started to drizzle. Drizzle is fine and actually makes photos look really nice, so we were able to get a lot of shots right away. Then we switched locations and it really started to come down. It was hilarious because everyone else was booking it out of the park and the four of us were just like, “Let’s do photos!”.

Ashley and Chelsea were all for photos in the rain, which made this all the more fun and authentic. I love when couples are willing to embrace nature. There are, of course, points when you cannot shoot, but if you accept the rain and puddles and such, your photos tell such a story and are that much more unique.

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