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Family: Baby Holden | Lakeville, Minnesota | Minnesota Baby Photographer

We recently heard from one of our wedding clients that she was due to have a baby soon. We shot their wedding a few months back in downtown Minneapolis and they were just a joy to work with. We had actually shot Lee’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, so we’ve worked with the family quite a bit. We love when our clients get back to us after their weddings for follow up photo sessions, so this was a real treat.

We did newborn photos of Holden in their home. We love shooting photos of this nature in homes rather than in a studio for a couple reasons. One, it’s just easier. If the baby gets hungry, everything is right there. The baby is comfortable in their own environment as well, so it’s easier to calm them down if they get upset. Two, it’s a unique setting that holds more of the memory of the age of the baby. There were a lot of types of shots in this session, including the little details (toes, ears, eyes), prop photos with Lee and Kyle’s wedding rings and more, and family photos. It was a lot of fun and we hope to do more in the future.

It was fun because there were really two acts to this shoot.  We did the first part in the nursery with Holden, the two of them holding him, and then photos of the nursery.  The second part was when his brother came home from school and did photos with him and full family photos.  We had met his brother at Lee and Kyle’s wedding, so it was really fun to see him again.  He showed us the digital fridge and how some of the digital photos from the wedding were on the fridge, which was just adorable.

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