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Wedding: Amanda and Charlie | Rockwoods | Otsego | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was such a fun wedding.  Amanda and Charlie were married on a very sunny day at Rockwoods in Otsego, Minnesota, a day in contrast to the rainy one we had shot the day before. The two of them and their guests were absolutely wonderful to work with.  We knew this was going to be the case though, as their engagement session was absolutely wonderful.  When we first photographed them, we had not met them prior.  Usually it can be a little tense because you have no idea who you are working with and suddenly there are these two people you don’t know with cameras in your faces telling you to pose it up.  They were both just a lot of fun, however.  They are very carefree and enjoyed their day.

Here is a review from the bride and groom:

“Kyle and Tracy were awesome to work with! They were more than our wedding photographers at our wedding, they helped us with much more than I expected. Because they had so much experience they gave us some great tips and do’s and don’ts that helped us so, so, much. Our photos turned out excellent! we have so many great shots even though it was very sunny the day of our wedding. We really appreciate the time Kyle and Tracy put in to ensuring we have great memories of our wedding day. We would HIGHLY recommend RKH!”

Highlights of the day:
  • The ceremony was ten minutes long. We have done quite a few of those this year and I can say, it’s awesome for a lot of reasons.

  • The skeletons! Amanda and Charlie got these little skeletons and were back and forth on whether they should use them as decor. They were adorable as skeletons can be on the center of the head table.

  • Amanda and Charlie are super into Halloween (hooray!) so we kept taking these bizarrely lit photos for them that do not look like wedding photos, but have a creepy look that they just loved.

  • We ran all over town looking for spots to shoot because the sun was so bright.   Rockwoods has a couple great spots for photos, but we wanted to get a bit more variety for them.  We ended up doing a lot of couple photos in the evening and found a tractor to do a great take on “American Gothic”.

Venue: Rockwoods
Photography: RKH Images

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