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Courthouse Wedding: Lee & Kyle | Hennepin County Courthouse | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This wedding was pretty unique to the others we have shot, in that it was a courthouse wedding. This is the first one we have ever shot, so rather than a full blown day, we shot for simply three hours and were back home to edit before it even got dark out.  Courthouse weddings are awesome.

Lee contacted us about shooting their wedding about three weeks before the wedding. Originally, we were out of town shooting another wedding, so she actually changed the date so we could shoot it. We had photographed her sister’s wedding years ago, back when we started doing all of this. So getting to see the same family all over again was great. Lee rode around the first look area in a limo until Kyle got there. It was literally going around a square block, but the time the limo was going to drop her off for the first look, there was a problem at the Light Rail and there were police everywhere so it took the longest amount of time to get her to that area. Once there, we had a great time doing photos all over the city.

After the courthouse wedding, we went to Loring Park for family photos and more couple photos. It was an absolutely lovely evening for photography and for a wedding.

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