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Rainy Day Wedding: Samantha and Trent | The Wilds Golf Club – Prior Lake | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Don’t worry if it’s a rainy day on your wedding day. Seriously, no need to worry. On Samantha and Trent’s wedding day, it was a forty-nine degrees, extremely windy, and rainy. In other words, the conditions were pretty miserable. However, The Wilds Golf Club, their venue, is a gorgeous outdoor location, and we knew it would still be great despite the weather.

Contrary to popular belief, rain and clouds are wonderful for wedding photography. They are our favorite conditions, as long as we equip ourselves with rain gear and protect our cameras. Rain enhances the colors outdoors, making the greens look greener and creating a dark, yet mystical ambiance in the sky. Everything becomes perfectly balanced.

When we first met Sam and Trent, it was also a rainy day, but it stopped very early in the morning, as we were shooting a sunrise engagement session.  It was another time when they dealt with the weather as is.  Sam and Trent braved the weather, being the ones to suggest that we go outside in the rain. We were able to do first look and lots of couple photos out there before the wind got really crazy and we went inside to do a first look with her step dad.

Get the Kleenex out because this will get you. When Sam did her first look with her stepdad, she asked him to legally become her father. The emotion in the room was overwhelming, and tears flowed freely. It was, by far, the most moving first look we have ever done, and it’s going to take quite a bit to top it.

Their day was so much fun. With nearly three hundred guests, the party didn’t stop, and everyone was incredibly enjoyable to work with. Despite the rainy start, the weather cleared up after the ceremony, allowing people to gather on the patio and indulge in the delectable donuts from their impressive donut wall. In other words, it turned out to be a fantastic day, despite the initial weather setback.

Overall, it was just a fantastic day with weather that so many people would let ruin their day. However, their positive attitude and determination to make the most of it shone through.

Samantha and Trent’s wedding is a prime example of how a wedding day should go. Here’s why.

The two of them didn’t let anything get them down. It goes without saying that it is difficult to do that on your wedding day. Moreover, it’s hard to do that on any day of your life. After all, your wedding is especially stressful simply because you want things to go the right way. Think about it – when does anything ever go EXACTLY the way it should? It’s pretty rare.

However, when we arrived and found it to be very cold, windy, and rainy, they just rolled with it. It’s important to understand that a lot of people choose The Wilds as their venue because they love its beautiful exterior. So, if it rains and they can’t have their ceremony outside, that’s a significant disruption to their plans. Nevertheless, they realized that they had no control over the weather and decided to be realistic about it and accept the circumstances.

The key is not to try and fix things you have no control over. We, as photographers, have accepted this fact, and it has made our lives so much easier. After all, we have zero control over the weather and time. In fact, I believe that if you realize this ahead of planning a big event, your stress level will significantly decrease. Additionally, if you’re super organized like us, have several backup plans, not just one. Plan for the worst possible weather and the worst-case scenarios. That way, if the weather turns out to be amazing and you have extra time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I can’t even tell you how many times couples have asked us the following questions: “What do we do if it rains?” and “What do we do if there isn’t a sunset?”. In reality, they already know the answers. We can shoot in the rain or indoors, and if there isn’t a sunset, well, there isn’t one. There are countless other incredible photos you can capture even without a sunset. The key is to plan around things and realize what is truly important to you for your day. By doing so, you’ll have a wonderful and relaxed wedding day, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

Here is a review from the bride and groom:

“Tracy and Kyle are simply AMAZING! They truly are more than photographers and felt more like friends when all was said and done. From the beginning, to the end, they offered endless support, advice and guidance. Their experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax and truly have the best day ever! They exceeded our expectations in every way possible and our experience with them is second to none. You only get one shot (pun intended) at capturing your wedding day, and we would highly recommend Tracy and Kyle to be the ones to do that for you! They have captured beautiful memories that we will cherish forever.”

Highlights from the day:
  • Samantha’s first look with her dad. We were all crying.

  • DONUT WALL. Love it.

  • The fact that Samantha and Trent didn’t let the weather get them down and the photography shows it.

  • The overall family feel of this wedding. It was all just extremely loving.

Thank you to the following people for helping make their day so much fun:

Venue: The Wilds Golf Club
Photography: RKH Images
Donuts: Hyvee
Florist: Pearson Florist
DJ: Silver Sound Entertainment
Hair & Makeup: Cole’s Salon
Wedding Dress: Raffine Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Shoes: David’s Bridal
Rings: Shane Co.
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Decor: Grapevine Gifts & Rentals, LLC

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