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Lebanon Hills Regional Park sunset engagement photography

Sunset Engagement: Jordyn and Victor | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This sunset engagement session was a lot of fun.  When we initially met for a wedding photography consult, we met with Jordyn and her mom.  Victor was out of town working, so we actually didn’t meet him until the session.  Major credit to him – he had JUST flown in from Washington DC.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to do anything after I get off a plane.  The last thing I would want to do is do a photo shoot and have to think about looking good.  Luckily, these two didn’t make it hard.  Like so many of our great clients, they were just genuinely happy together.  Also, add in the fact that they hadn’t seen one another in quite a while due to long distance, you could just see the love in their eyes.

As you can see below, at our sunset engagement sessions, we use a few different light sources to make for a great variety of images.  There is a mix of natural light in these and use of the flash as well to light the two of them.  We also loved doing the silhouette photos at the end.  At the time of this session, I was getting over a back injury, so I couldn’t climb the hill to shoot those shots.  Kyle shot them and I had no idea that he had done them in that nature until I had them in our editing software.  They are some of my favorite engagement photos and am looking forward to doing more in the future.

The two of them are getting married this April at Kellerman’s Event Center.  We are really excited for their day for a number of reasons.  We love their venue – it’s an awesome place.  April is a real flip of the coin weather wise, based on April Minnesota weather these past few years.  Because of this, we’re looking forward to seeing what we get to shoot.  These two are also just a lot of fun, so their day is going to be great.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park sunset engagement photography sunset engagement photography sunset engagement photography sunset engagement photography sunset engagement photography

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