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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum holiday wedding

Holiday Wedding: Megan and Lani | Minnesota Landscape Arboretum | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I was going back and forth on calling this a Christmas wedding or a New Year wedding because it happened right in between the two.  So I settled for a holiday wedding because it seemed fitting.

The day took place directly after the Twin Cities was pretty much shut down due to all the roads being glare ice.  I don’t remember the last time everyone had been advised by the state not to travel unless absolutely necessary.  We were so happy that the wedding was the following day. We met Megan when she was in Becky and Jeff’s bridal party, a wedding we shot in 2017.  Last year, we went out for pizza with Megan and Lani.  They planned to have a small intimate wedding in the winter and picked us as their photographers.

This wedding was really intimate.  We really love small, intimate weddings because they focus on what is most important.  Megan and Lani had their close friends and family with them.  They had their ceremony with a really good mix of appetizers and cake afterwards.  This was all in a beautifully decorated room with a fire going, while staying warm from the cold winter weather.  That’s the beauty of holiday weddings.  They come with such a cozy feeling.

Highlights from the day:

  • Megan’s dress!  I have actually been looking for that same dress for photo shoots for years.
  • Lani’s suit.  Her suit was awesome.
  • The conservatory is BEAUTIFUL.  I had never been there and was planning light for the other rooms.  We rounded the corner and got so excited about the conservatory.
  • The time of speeches were nicknamed “the crying portion of the evening” in jest.
  • The wedding was super intimate and sweet.  It fit the holiday season so well.
  • Their wedding favors were the best.  They had coffee cups made for everyone and with the cups were coffee beans, hot chocolate and a stick of marshmallows.  I drank all the hot chocolate that night after the wedding.


Thank you to the following vendors for helping make this such a lovely day:

Venue: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Arboretum Catering
Wedding Dress: Offwhite
Hair and Makeup: Head to Toe Salon
Cakes: Lunds & Byerlys
Rings: Jewelry by Johan
Flowers: Artemisia Flowers

Wedding cakes

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