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Shiba Inu Mini Session: Tiffah & Mike | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Eagan, Minnesota

I had to call this the Shiba Inu mini session because, let’s face it, that’s what it is.  Tiffah and Mike hired us for a mini session and they brought their Shiba Inu.  It’s so funny – I had never heard of that breed before 2018.  In the past two years, we have shot several sessions (including weddings) that included the breed.  It’s funny how that happens.

Anyway, back to the actual photo session…

Tiffah and Mike were such fun people to work with.  We had not met them before, so like I’ve said before, you never know what you’re getting into when you meet and shoot right away.  This goes for both the clients and the photographers.  There were no issues with these two, however.  They were having a fun time and it resounded so well in the photography.  Like we try to tell all of our clients, if you’re happy, it’s the best you can look in your photography.  People worry about so many things when they have photos taken, but the thing that makes them look the best is when you are having a good time.

On a technical note, we didn’t bring our flash to this shoot.  I don’t remember why because we always have it.  It was a very cloudy day, so we figured it would be fine because the light is balanced.  However, we shot in the area of Lebanon Hills with all the trees (cue shadows).  With a flash, this could have been easily balanced right away, so it took a ton of post production to fix that up.  Note to self – bring the flash at all times.  We can always bring it and not use it. It just cuts down on post production time, which gets photos to clients that much faster.

We do mini sessions all year.  If you are interested in capturing some awesome memories, check out our mini session info.

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