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Cosplay Engagement Photography: Katie and Brian | Minneapolis | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We were so excited to shoot a cosplay engagement photography session.  Katie and Brian’s engagement session was SO fun!

Anyone who knows me and Kyle knows that we are total dorks. When we met with Katie and Brian, they asked each other if they should tell us what their hobby was. When they finally did, it turned out, it was cosplay. They wanted to do cosplay engagement photography.  That was the point when we were like, “We NEED to shoot your wedding!” They wanted to incorporate the swords they had made into their engagement shoot, which we were all for. We met them at their house before the session and they were making props and watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” which was just awesome. It was so us.

We went to a park near their home with their Shiba Inu and their props in tow. The two are so used to posing in cosplay poses that they were naturals in front of the camera and we just let them have fun with it. With them sword fighting in the woods, we couldn’t stop making Monty Python jokes. It was super fun. Also, their puppy, Zuko, is adorable.

Update: Five years later, I’m looking at these photos again.  We shot their amazing wedding at Kellerman’s Event Center later that year.  It was our hundredth wedding we ever shot and by far one of our favorites ever.  It was one of those that we would glady photograph again every weekend.

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