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fall maternity photography

Fall Maternity Photography – Mia and Carlos | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Eagan, Minnesota | Minnesota Maternity Photographer

This was an awesome session.  First off, fall maternity photography is beautiful.  Check out the gorgeous colors in the trees in this session.  It’s also a nice time to shoot because it’s usually not incredibly hot outside or terribly cold.

We were lucky enough to shoot Mia and Carlos’ wedding day.  The two of them are such lovely people.  As noted in their wedding blog post, they had an amazing wedding cake.  They actually gave us some of it, even though it was a cake that was just for them.  It was so yummy.  Fast forward to Lebanon Hills Regional Park this fall and we were shooting fall maternity photography for them.  One thing that we ask of clients when doing sessions that are smaller than weddings is that they provide us with any shots they really want.  With maternity photos, there are always a bunch of really cute types of shots people have in mind, and they brought block and shoes.  Baby shoes are SO cute.

After we did photos that they were specifically looking for, we took a walk around the park for some fun candids.  We were practically all alone in the park that day because it was a bit chilly, so we got some amazing photos on the beach as well.

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