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Brewery Engagement Photography – Taylor and Sean – Headflyer Brewing – Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was a lot of fun.  We had never done brewery engagement photography before for a few reasons.  One, it’s tough to get into a lot of indoor locations for photography without a permit.  Some places are really cool about letting people do photography in their businesses however, as long as we don’t pester the customers.  Another reason is, the majority of our clients like the idea of outdoor photos much more than inside ones.  Nonetheless, we would love to do more brewery engagement photography.  We really enjoy the interaction between couples when they are having drinks or something similar.  It makes for great photos.

Taylor and Sean contacted Headflyer Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis to do this session and they were happy to accommodate them. Not only that, but when we got there, they told us that we could all go in the back where the kegs all where.  That was really nice of them and we got some great shots back there.  This session just happened to take place on the first warm day of 2020.  When it hits fifty degrees or higher for the first time of the year in Minnesota, we all go nuts.  No one stays inside.  Due to this, just about everyone in the city was sitting at the outdoor area of the brewery and on the Stone Arch Bridge, where we went next.  It may have been sixty degrees outside, but it was incredibly windy.

The photos outside tell the story of how windy it was. A lot of people worry about the wind when it comes to their hair in photos.  Sure, you want your hair to be perfect, but sometimes letting it go creates a whimsical look.  Not only that, but it looks beautifully natural.

We are very excited to be working with Taylor and Sean on their wedding day this coming fall.  Their wedding photography will be on this blog so stay tuned!

couple standing by beer kegs brewery engagement photography

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