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Union Depot Engagement Photography: Arron and Dennis | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We spent an amazing time with these two at the Union Depot in Saint Paul.  Funny thing about the Union Depot – it was the location of the first wedding we shot together.  Side note – I just got lost looking up all the USA routes that run from that station.

Arron and Dennis are just a joy to work with.  We met them for pizza at Dark Horse Bar and Eatery in Saint Paul when we did their initial consult and were there for a good two hours just talking about random things.  We had just gotten back from Scotland, they had come back from Amsterdam, we talked about the Twin and the Cubs, so much more.  The two of them are planning a baseball themed wedding this spring and are adamant that all the vendors wear Twins or Chicago related clothing.  And they are having Cracker Jacks during their cocktail hour.  Seriously, how fun is that??

Their engagement photography was great, considering the surrounding circumstances.

It was right when the COVID-19 scare truly began around here.  It didn’t seem to stop tons of people from being outside.  We met them at Mears Park.  From there, we went to the Union Depot and around the city a bit.  As you can see, they wore their Twins and Cubs gear throughout the session (and the awesome flannels – we love flannels!).  The two just love baseball.  We love that they incorporated it so well into not only their wedding, but their engagement photos as well.

Not only was the session great, but right after, they asked us if we were hungry and wanted to go to lunch.  We were actually going to ask them the same thing, so we all went to The Buttered Tin and discussed their day and more.  They are both so much fun to not only work with, but just to hang out with.  We know we will have a wonderful time working with them in the future.


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