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Our Living Room Wedding (aka: How to Have a Wedding During a Global Pandemic) | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Why did we do a living room wedding?  I honestly can’t wait until my future self looks back on this because we won’t be dealing with this pandemic anymore.

When our first wedding got postponed due to COVID-19, I literally asked Kyle at that moment what we would do if we were planning our wedding at that moment.  We both had the same answer of having our wedding in the house.   We would do a living room wedding.  We then would move the reception to when the ban on gatherings decides to lift.  Which we still don’t know when that’s going to be.  Keep that in mind, future self.

After that, we got more postponements.  We saw couples absolutely crushed about their big day.  We saw couples that were thinking their weddings wouldn’t be “real” weddings if they were smaller than they originally planned.  So we decided to do this.  Also, put two wedding photographers on a stay home order and they get bored.  We needed something to do.  A good friend of ours is a florist, so she agreed to do flowers for us.  In compliance with social distancing, she left them in our garage where we could then go grab them.  We did all these photos in our living room and backyard.  Mind some of the focusing on these photos – the tripod was our friend on a lot of them and didn’t focus as properly as we do at times.

Perhaps the thing that I repeatedly countless times throughout this shoot was, “Why didn’t we do this the first time around?”  It would have been WAY easier.  It was funny doing my hair and makeup and getting into my dress. It really felt like I was getting ready for a wedding.  And for the record, it was pouring rain outside. So it was a rainy day during a pandemic and we still had a great time with fun photos.

Thanks to the following:

Dress: Express
Necklace: Brides of France
Flowers: Paisley Floral Designs

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