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Canoe Engagement Photography: Lisa & Derek | Interstate State Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I’ve realized I haven’t been blogging enough lately.  It’s strange because we’ve had SO much time home with the stay home order.  Despite not shooting as much recently, there is still a lot of work that we can post.  This is a great example of one of those shoots.  I never thought we would shoot a canoe engagement session without asking the couple to do it.  These two specifically asked if they could do canoe engagement photos.  LOVE that idea.

Lisa and Derek are outdoorsy people, so this session is very much them.  They started in the trails of Interstate State Park in Taylor’s Falls.  This is such a beautiful place and despite being incredibly busy that day, we made the photos look as if they were the only ones there.  It was also a very sunny day, so the neutral density filters were our best friends.  Sunny days can be tough without the right equipment, so we love those filters.

The two were a lot of fun to work with.  We actually hadn’t met Derek prior to this session, so it’s always a little intimidating going into a situation without meeting prior.  We want everyone to be comfortable.  They had a great time and were very laid back.  I feel the canoe photos really amplify their happiness because  just were enjoying themselves.  We are very excited to be shooting their wedding day!

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