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Summer Wedding: Natalie and Josh | Loring Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A summer weddings can be one of two things.  They can be nice and sunny, or they can be humid as all get out.  This was a humid summer wedding.

Regardless, Natalie and Josh didn’t let it get them down in the least.  One of the best things of this pandemic is all the great people we have got to meet that we most likely wouldn’t have met otherwise.  Their wedding was supposed to be in Pennsylvania, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, they had a small outdoor ceremony in Minneapolis and found us on fairly short notice.  We were quick to help them plan the photography they needed for the day.

It was SO hot!  You know how each year you look back on the summer prior and wonder if there was a day that was as hot and humid as the current one?  This was that day.  Luckily, unlike the day before, there was a nice breeze and some cloud coverage at times.  They were married in the park and had a small reception at ONE Fermentary and Taproom.  Everyone was so happy and just a delight to work with.  Plus we got to hang out and have pizza with them at the reception, with can’t be beat.

Highlights of the day:
  • At the first look, Natalie looked at Josh for a good five seconds and then went, “You SHAVED!”  It was so funny.  It took a bit for her to notice he had no facial hair.
  • Natalie and Josh both had so much fun.  It may seem to go without saying, but so many people are super stressed on their wedding day.  They didn’t let anything get them down.
  • They had Pizza Luce for dinner.  They got the vegan wild mushroom, which I simply love.
  • When they fed each other cake, Josh got this terrified look on his face.  It was hilarious because we had never seen anyone look at cake that way.
  • They got us a little TC Bear Funko Pop as a thank you gift – SO AWESOME.


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