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Summer Engagement Photos : Sunny and Ben | Hidden Falls Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was a result of a rescheduling and wow, did it make a difference.  Summer engagement photos can be tricky with the changing weather.  This is a prime example as to why.

Sunny and Ben are from South Dakota, so driving to Minnesota to do an engagement session or any wedding planning made was a commitment.  We were originally supposed to shoot their session earlier in the year, but they had to cancel.  It’s a good thing they did too because the day they were supposed to shoot, it POURED.  And not the fun kind of rain that makes for awesome photos either.  It poured those huge raindrops nonstop for the whole day.  It was pretty cool that their rescheduled date was on a sunny and warm day.  That’s what happens with summer engagement photos.  It can rain or shine on any random day.  Regardless of what the forecast says, it can sometimes take a huge turn.

We are very excited to shoot their wedding in September.  The two of them a really fun couple.  When we met with them to book their wedding, they had literally just gotten off of a plane from a cruise.  I don’t know how many people are willing to a come from the airport after a cruise to a wedding meeting.  I don’t want to go anywhere after the airport. Let alone a place to meet strangers trying to sell me on a service.  That’s when we knew they were great people.

The two of them are very much themselves. When they showed up, Ben asked immediately if he could keep his hat on.  We were like, “Of course you can keep your hat on!”.  A big part of our business is letting our couples be themselves.  Besides, Kyle wears a hat all the time.  Who are we to say you can or can’t wear a hat?  Sunny’s dress was AWESOME.  Little things like the addition of her bracelet really made the photos.  We loved working with them.

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