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Brandie and Dakota: Wisconsin Courthouse Wedding | Chippewa Falls Courthouse | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Who knew we would love a Wisconsin courthouse wedding as much as we did?  In 2020 a Wisconsin courthouse wedding, elopements, and weddings at home are so much the norm.  We’ve come to love them so much, as everyone is so happy and grateful to be together now.  We’ve done courthouse weddings before and have found that they are so much fun because people focus so much on family and the important things.  The stress far lower in courthouse weddings, which is wonderful for everyone involved.

Our meeting with Brandie and Dakota began on a Facetime call during the stay at home order.  You know, that time when none of us ever thought anything would ever be close to normal ever again?  I can’t believe we are already doing wedding photography again.  It’s so wonderful.  They were getting married at the courthouse in Chippewa Falls, not far from where Kyle’s family lives.  So we made a little trip of it and stayed with his family, who we hadn’t seen in a while.  Because of weddings, we are normally too busy to get to see anyone this time of year.  In that respect, it was super nice to get to visit family and shoot an awesome wedding at the same time.

The day before the wedding, the forecast was full of rain.  It was a little crazy, as the ceremony was at the courthouse, but the rest of the day was at Irvine Park.  We didn’t want everyone just standing around in the rain.  As we drove to the courthouse, it poured.  Due to this, Kyle and I were trying to figure it all out in the car.  We were working with people we had never met in person in really extreme weather conditions.  However, we got to the courthouse and Brandie and Dakota could not have been more wonderful.  They were so much fun and their loved ones were great.  They got married, we all rain to the park, and once the rain let up a bit, we got amazing photos of the two of them.

Highlights of the day:
  • Courthouse wedding.  Both Kyle and I asked each other after the wedding, “Why didn’t we do that?  It’s so EASY!”
  • Brandie had these adorable comfy pink shoes.  She was originally going to wear heels, but went for the comfortable ones.  As she should.
  • Since her dad wasn’t walking her down the aisle, he walked her into the first look.  So sweet.
  • When we got to Irvine Park, we realized we had shot our second wedding we ever shot there.  But it was so long ago, we had forgotten.
  • Dakota’s shoes.
  • Brandie’s DRESS!!

Even though they are in Wisconsin and we’re in Minnesota, we really hope to work with them again.



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  1. Shawn Putnick says:

    Beautiful pictures!💜

  2. Kimberly bartlette says:

    As always beautiful pictures! I wish you had been at mine


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