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Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photography: Lee & Tom | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We love doing Saint Anthony Main engagement photography.  The area in Minneapolis has so much character and variety for photographs.

Tom and Lee are yet another couple we met on a Zoom call.  We’re not big fans of Zoom calls for meeting clients, as you may already be able to tell from our past blog posts.  It was really exciting to meet them in person and they had lots of fun ideas for this shoot.  They had gotten engaged in Saint Anthony Main. Therefore, doing the Saint Anthony Main engagement photography was a big thing.

The shoot began at Modist Brewing, a place that had a far different look due to the pandemic.  There was almost no one in there at the time, so we were able to get a few nice shots in there and meet with them and their Corgi, Odin.  Afterwards, we made our way over to Saint Anthony Main.  There was so much going on.  It was nice to see people out and about, while still safely enjoying themselves.  As you can see, Odin took over a lot of the shoot.  He was with us all the whole time – we love the Corgis!

It was cool getting to do a golden hour and blue hour session again.  We don’t get to do them that often because Kyle is usually shooting concerts at night.  With that not happening at all, our clients get to reap the rewards of it.  Using our off camera flash during golden and blue hour is SO fun!!

Their wedding is in 2021 and they will be getting married in Saint Anthony Main (of course!).  It was really fun doing the engagement photos there with them, but also doing a little mapping of where we could do wedding photos as well.   We can’t wait for their wedding – it’s going to be great!

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