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Horse Farm Engagement Photography: Christina and Dan | Chisago City | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We shot Christina and Dan’s engagement photography on their horse farm in Chisago City.  Often times, people are wary of doing photography at their homes.  We love it.  As a matter of fact, we are having a photographer do photos of us at our home for our anniversary.  There is something about it that we love.  They are unique.  The home is like a third person in the photography.  The home adds more of the character of the couple.  There’s so much to it.  When your home is a horse farm, why not?

The morning of the session was so hot an humid.  This summer has been a brutal one.  We were consistently dabbing sweat and running for the shade.  Still, it was amazing.  Christina and Dan are a lot of fun.  We met them over a Zoom consult (which I’m so glad we don’t do 100% anymore).  Because of that, this was our first time meeting face to face.  Dan offered AWESOME props to the session.  He has a 1954 tractor at the farm (see below).  He also asked us halfway through the session if we could include their Dodge truck.  Like always, we said, of course!  They have beautiful land which offered room for the horses, the tractor, a pathway with the tree arches, and so much more.  We could have been there taking photos all day.

It’s been a long time since we have taken country style engagement photos.  Regardless of the heat, they wore their cowboy hats and long sleeved flannels, which we loved.  They were total troopers and made for a great shoot.

They will be getting married next summer and we are very excited to be working with them again.

horse farm engagement photography

horse farm engagement photography couple kissing

horse farm engagement photography

couple kissing in bed of truck

couple kissing in bed of truck

engagement photography cowboy hats flannel

1954 tractor engagement photography

engagement photography tractor

horse farm engagement photography

horse farm engagement photography

horse farm engagement photography

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    These are so sweet! The horses are SO pretty.


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