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Backyard Wedding: Jordyn and Victor | Brooklyn Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We never really thought we would shoot a backyard wedding.  Let alone, many of them.  This year, the backyard wedding is all the rage.  On top of that, they are AMAZING.

Jordyn and Victor were our first postponed wedding of 2020.  They were supposed to get married in April.  Then their wedding was moved to August.  Then they were unable to get married at their original venue, so they had to change their date AGAIN.  Finally, a friend of the family offered their home in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota to them and they were able to have their wedding.

Funny thing, prior to this day, they just said screw it, and eloped.  We love that.  It is totally what we would have done in this situation.   We were so happy when they told us that.  I actually forgot that they wouldn’t be doing the rings during the ceremony and had to just FLY around for the first kiss.  But we got it!

Highlights of the day

  • THE FOOD. Okay, normally I don’t bring up the food right away.  Seriously, there are more things to talk about.  But they had homemade Egyptian food.  If you have never had Egyptian food, stop reading this and go get some.  I literally order phyllo dough the next day to make some of the food on their menu.
  • So much emotion!!!  People were crying when we got there, people were crying during the ceremony, people were crying during the reception.  I was crying.  We all cried.  It was so emotional.
  • Jordyn and Victor bought us custom monogramed camera straps as a thank you.  They wanted to thank us for being so helpful during this whole pandemic planning scene.  It was so nice!
  • The Catalina Islands table.  If you were there and don’t remember that table, something is wrong.
  • Victor’s grandma gave the BEST speech.  It was all about family and caring for one another.  It was so relevant to everything that is happening today.

Thanks to the following vendors for adding so much beauty to this day:

Photography: RKH Images
Wedding Dress: Bella Bridal Boutique
Sewing and Alterations: Custom Sewing by Heather
Rings: Enso and Jared

Wedding ceremony arch Wedding table decor Wedding water bottles Wedding bride and groom shoes Bride getting ready

Mom and dad first look with bride Backyard wedding first look Groom hugging bride Women wearing mask covid Dad walking bride down the aisle


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  1. Clarice says:

    So beautiful! I love all the emotional moments. 🙂


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