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Baseball Maternity Photography: Natalie and Josh | Minneapolis, Minnesota

I never thought we would photograph baseball maternity photography, but now we have.  This session was so much fun.

Here is a little backstory.  We photographed Natalie and Josh’s small wedding in July of 2020.  My god, it was hot that day.  They were originally going to have a big wedding out of state.  But you know, then 2020 threw everything for a huge loop.  As a result, they had a small wedding ceremony in Loring Park and an awesome little reception at a brewery nearby.  There was so much pizza.  It was great.

They later got in touch with us to do maternity photos!  So, they love the Minnesota Twins, as you can see.  Josh works with them, so that’s helpful.  But the whole baseball maternity photography is mainly Minnesota Twins based.  So cute.

We did photos with just them and then also photos with their dog.  We love the photo with him and the baby sign.  It’s so sweet.

Maternity photography and baby announcement photography is something we just love doing.  We haven’t done it as much as we would like to, but it captures such amazing moments in time.  That feeling of sheer excitement about having a whole new life to share truly shines through in the photographs.

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