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Fall engagement photography blanket kiss

Fall Engagement Photography: Kelsey and Jett | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Fall engagement photography is the BEST in Minnesota!  It’s such a super sought after time of year.  We have people who want fall engagement photography book as far as a year and a half in advance.  Why?  Everyone wants those fall colors for everything.  Weddings, family photos, couple photos, everything.  It also happens to be the time of year when a lot of people are booking weddings and when the sun is setting earlier, so you’re fighting with light.

Funny story about this post, these two are getting married tomorrow.  Often times, fall engagement photography blog posts fall by the wayside because so much else is going on.  They often will get posted later in the year.  Well, with the pandemic happening, the blog got set aside for a while.  I just realized today that we hadn’t posted this awesome shoot to our blog.  So here you go.

Kelsey and Jett are awesome.  They had their puppy with them, while Kelsey’s mom cared for him while they got photos alone.  I cannot stress how important it is to have a dog handler when you bring your dog to a shoot.  It makes things SO much easier for you, us, and your dog.  Plus we got to meet Kelsey’s mom.  We love meeting people who are a part of the wedding day.

We shot their session at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan.  This place is enormous.  We were there once when there were fourteen other photographers shooting and we all had far more than enough room to work.  It’s a great place.  The colors change so rapidly with the seasons too.  This was actually the end of September and as you can see, there was still quite a bit of green.  Predicting the colors is nearly impossible these days, but this park is always beautiful.

We’re SO excited to be shooting Kelsey and Jett’s wedding tomorrow.  It’s the first full day at a venue wedding we have shot since March.  I’ve never been more excited to work an eleven hour day in my entire life.

fall engagement photography bulldog puppy

Fall Engagement Photography couple kissing


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