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Lake Phalen Engagement Photography : Jessica and Jesse | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Lake Phalen is SUCH a perfect place to shoot engagement photos.  Or any photos, I’d imagine, but we lucked out with engagement photos there.  It’s so beautiful there and there is SO much space.  It’s a place we could do photography at all day.

Jessica and Jesse were our first 2022 wedding that we booked and it was during the stay at home order in Minnesota.  They were our first Zoom consult and we immediately connected over Star Wars and our love of Chihuahuas.  Which, by the way, was super heartwarming because we were in such a low point during the stay at home order.  It was such a dark time.  So we are very grateful for these two.  They actually booked us before booking their venue, which is always super cool to us.  It doesn’t happen too often, as usually the venue is the first thing booked.

When we met them at the park on the day of their session, we realized that they are truly nerds like us.  We LOVE working with nerdy clients.  We just have so much in common that it feels fun and easy the whole time.  The two of us had actually never been to Lake Phalen and were really intrigued.  They showed us around and there are so many spots to photograph.  The area is huge.  Probably our favorite part was at the end when we went into a bunch of wildflowers and just kept shooting.  Flowers are so contingent on exact times of the season, so we were very happy to catch these in bloom.

After the session, the two of them actually walked us all the way back to our car.  It was quite a walk too because we had parked clear on the other side of the park.  The whole time we talked about movies and board games.  It was so awesome.  We are very excited to be shooting their upcoming wedding!


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