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Golden Hour Sunset Engagement: Dana and Kyle | Harriet Island | Saint Paul | Minnesota Engagement Photography

Here’s a pretty little golden hour photography session for you.  I’m writing this at the time of year when the sun sets at 4:30pm, so…

The first time we met Dana and Kyle, it was at a Mexican restaurant to chat about their wedding.  The conversation turned really casual very quickly, so we knew they were the type of couple for us.  They are planning an April wedding and they are the couple who are like, “If it snows in April, it snows.”  We love that.  When you get couples who don’t worry about things they can’t control, it’s awesome.

Just looking  at these photos, I remember how sunny and warm it was at their golden hour engagement session.  From the beginning of it, they were both having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves. We’re so lucky to work with these amazing couples and these two are just one example of that.  When we first spoke with them, they wanted to do their engagement photos in Saint Paul.  This was beneficial on our end as well.  For some reason or another, we don’t have a lot of Saint Paul engagement sessions in our portfolio.  Weddings, yes, but not engagement sessions.  So we checked out a few spots and found Harriet Island to be a viable option.  We originally were going to head over to Raspberry Island as well.  However, there was so much versatility that we were able to shoot entirely at Harriet Island.

Dana and Kyle will be getting married this coming April.  Whether it’s sun, snow, or rain, it’s going to be a wonderful day.



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