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Rainy Engagement Photography: Jenna and Janine | Saint Catherine University | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I’m a real big fan of rainy engagement photography.  Many people think that if you have rainy engagement photography, that it’s the worst case scenario.  That simply isn’t true.  Rain does so many good things for photos.  One thing is that a cloudy sky makes for PERFECT balance.  There are no shadows or extreme bright light.  While we can shoot in those conditions as well, this makes it SO easy!  Rain also makes colors so much bolder.  Ever notice how much greener things look when it rains?

We had actually just gotten off a plane prior to this engagement session, having shot a destination session in Colorado.  It was a lot of fun rolling right into another photo session.  These two were so fun to work with too.  It was our first time shooting at Saint Catherine University and it was a really great place.  They brought their awesome dog with, who got really sad when we took them away from her to do other photos.  Since it was really rainy, we did some photos outside, but were also able to get into the chapel to do drier photos as well.  That was really cool because, as you can see below, we got to do some more dramatic style photos as well.

Janine and Jenna were all about shooting in the rain and handling any situation with grace.  That’s something we really love in our clients.  So many of them have that attitude of not worry about things that are out of our control.  We’re very excited to shoot their wedding next December.  Hopefully we’ll get to work with them again between now and then because it’s a long time in between!



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