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Mountain Engagement Photography: Kellie and Joel | Rocky Mountain National Park | Dream Lake | Stanley Hotel | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Okay, so I NEVER thought we could say we did mountain engagement photography.  But hey, there’s a lot of things I never thought would happen that have happened in the last year.

This is, overall, a really fun story.  We “met” Kellie and Joel over a Zoom meeting when they found us for their wedding photography.  They actually found us through another awesome pair of clients we have.  We had to do a Zoom with them because, not only were we dealing with the pandemic, but they are in Colorado.

They booked us as their wedding photographers for their wedding this fall, which was great.  A few months back, I was feeling a real hardcore wanderlust.  I asked Kyle if he would mind flying somewhere for a very short amount of time to shoot.  He was all for it, so I offered Kellie and Joel the opportunity to have their engagement photos done in Colorado.  They were super excited about it because they actually wanted some photos out there.  Although Kyle had been to Colorado before, I never had, so I was really excited.

We flew to Colorado.  Kellie and Joel picked us up at quarter to five in the morning and we rode out to the mountains before sunrise.  Just a heads up, you have to do sunrise shoots for this type of thing because there are a lot of variables with it.  We hiked up 1.1 miles to the spot, which, for anyone who knows me, knows it’s not an easy feat with my bad leg.  It was such an adventure.  They were both so much fun to work with, which was great.  Hiking up and down a mountain with people you like is an ideal situation.

One thing you’ll notice in these photos is their usage of formal wear.  Formal wear makes winter photos look SO GOOD.  They were total troopers going up a mountain in formal wear.  Multiple people kept joking along the trails that they were the best dressed people on the mountain.  After we shot the photos at Dream Lake, we went to the Stanely Hotel.  This was a total DREAM for me.  I’m a huge fan of “The Shining” and the fact that we have clients who were cool with us doing engagement photography there…they rule.

We can’t wait to work with them again this fall.  Their wedding is going to be great!



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