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Cloudy Day Engagement: Brooke and Aaron | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I know I probably say this about all the photo shoots, but this one was SO much fun!  Also, cloudy day engagement photos are my favorite.  So it was a total win/win situation.

We were referred to Brooke and Aaron by one of our former couples.  Not only was this a former couple, but they were such a fun couple to work with.  We were very excited to hear that we were going to be working with their friends.  So not only were they referred to us by them, they were there to watch Brooke and Aaron’s dog.  Oh, did I not mention their dog?  They have an adorable little Corgi named Zelda.  The dog is so cute.  She has long hair!  She was around for the beginning of shoot and then hung out in the car the rest of the time, chilling out.

I related to Brooke and Aaron in the way that they told us that they are total introverts.  That’s me all the way, whereas Kyle is the extreme social butterfly.  So on the way, we were working to figure out the best course of action to make them comfortable.  Didn’t need that apparently because those two were so sweet together.  We had tons of photos for them about five minutes in!

They had been worried about the rain all weekend, as it was in the forecast.  However, the rain did not start until right after the session ended.  Just got the perfect rain clouds for cloudy day engagement photos.  So it was an amazing shoot! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer.

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