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Como Zoo Wedding: Maureen and Dilan | Como Zoo Conservatory | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Maureen and Dilan had a small Como Zoo wedding on a pretty May evening.  Easy intro, right?

We actually had not met them until that evening.  The two decided to have a small ceremony with their family in attendance.  After that, they wanted to do some fun couples’ photos with us.  This was great for us because after the craziness of last year, it was awesome to start off the season with some smaller weddings.  It’s always a little intimidating meeting with couples for the first time at their wedding.  Normally we meet up a couple times, do an engagement session, and more.  Due to them not being in the Twin Cities area, our meetings were on Zoom and over the phone.  They were both SO MUCH fun to work with.

What do we like so much about a Como Zoo wedding?  I can tell you right now that my favorite thing is the smell when you walk into it.  The Sunken Garden is so beautiful and just smelled so amazing.  I could live in there.  Then it just makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Highlights of the day:

  • Maureen’s dress!! OMG, how beautiful is it???  Seriously!!
  • They did a small wedding.  We love small weddings so much.
  • Their parents officiated.
  • The love letters they wrote to one another prior to the ceremony were so wonderful.  We highly recommend them to clients and the photos below tell you why.
  • Maureen and Dilan just had fun with each other.  They were totally chill the whole time and it really showed.

como zoo wedding como zoo wedding sunken garden wedding rings on stone bride reading love letter

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