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Taylors Falls Engagement Photos: Briana and Nick | Golden Hour | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Taylors Falls engagement photos are some of our favorite engagement photos to shoot.  Why?  When you do Taylors Falls engagement photos, your photos look like you are hidden away in nature.  The state park itself lies in the middle of the city, but it has a secluded look to it in photography.  It’s one of those places in Minnesota where outsiders look at it and go, “That’s the Midwest??”  Gotta love that.

Briana and Nick wanted their engagement photos to be in a nature setting.  They are getting married at Mill City Museum this fall, so they liked the idea of an opposing setting for these photos.  First off, let’s talk about how ADORABLE these two are!  Seriously!  We got there and they were both so much fun.  They made this session so easy.

These two are yet another couple we met this year over Zoom.  We bonded over the love of dogs, as ours kept running around in the background and they told us about theirs.  They were, of course, talked about at this session as well.  They were so easy to get along with and very comfortable with one another, making these photos so organic.  It was actually Mother’s Day, so we were concerned that it may be crowded at the park.  However, we seemed to arrive just in time for the crowds to disperse.  Even in the heels seen in the photos below, Briana was able to make it up and down all the rocks expertly.  I was in hiking boots and still second guessing myself nonstop.

We can’t wait to work with them this fall at their wedding.  We know the day is going to be amazing!!


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