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Sunset Engagement Photos: Maddy and Jake | Phoenix Park | Eau Claire | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

When Maddy and Jake asked us to do their sunset engagement photos at Phoenix Park, we couldn’t help but say yes.

When shooting in Eau Claire, Phoenix Park is truly a go to for us.  We’ve photographed weddings and engagement photos there.  However, we had never done sunset engagement photos there.  So we were pretty excited.  Also, Maddy and Jake are super awesome people.

We met them months ago, right around the time restaurants began opening up again. I remember meeting them in Hudson and the weather was horrible.  We had initially planned on meeting outside, but that didn’t happen due to the weather.  Probably why I remember that so well.  Either way, when we met with them, we knew we really wanted to shoot their day.  They are both so fun.  And Maddy nails the look that I wanted to have when I had my short hair, so that’s always fun.  Gotta love that.

Back to the session itself.  There was so much to work with in that location.  With two bridges, water, greens, and so much more, we could be there all day.  Throw Maddy and Jake in the mix, who are just super animated and fun, and it’s just a recipe for a wonderful session.

After a TON of photos, they brought us to dinner.  That was really nice, plus we got to learn more about each other, which is always good.  It’s just so nice to be able to see people again.  After dinner, we were walking back to the car and saw what you’ll see in the last photo on here.  We had no idea the bridges lit up that much.  So even though the session was done, we went back to the car for our flashes and posed them up for another shot.

Can’t wait to shoot their big day!!

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