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September Wedding: Tom and Lee | Hall of Kings | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A September wedding can be a finicky thing in Minnesota.  On paper, people envision it being a cooler day, with all the colorful leaves on the trees.  This year, the weather has been a little crazy. 

We photographed Tom and Lee’s September wedding on a very hot September day.  Regardless, the day was absolutely wonderful. We started with getting ready at the Elliot Park Hotel in Minneapolis. There was a fun little twist when the grooms and the wedding party went to 56 Brewing in Northeast. There, they met with their two Corgis. Although we had met their one Corgi when we did the engagement photography, we had not met the second until their wedding day.  It was a lot of fun doing photos of them with the dogs and with their wedding party at the brewery where everyone relaxed and had drinks. 

After that, it was off to Nicollet Island to take wedding party photos.  We then took the couple photos and headed off to Hall of Kings. If you’ve never been to Hall of Kings in Saint Anthony Main, it is a gorgeous venue.  It’s hidden away in a basement level in Saint Anthony Main.  The whole place looks like something out of Game of Thrones.  When you are there, it’s like you are completely hidden away from the rest of the world.  We loved that it was lit entirely by candles and string  lighting, making for a very romantic feel.

We loved their day.  It was really just a lot of fun.  You could tell that everyone involved truly just enjoyed themselves the whole time.  Again, big congrats to Tom and Lee!

Highlights of the day:

  • Tom and Lee had a choreographed first dance that was literally the best we have ever seen.
  • Their two Corgis were part of the day AND they had little ties on.
  • Stopping at the 56 Brewing was really fun.  It was a great way to just unwind before the whole day really started up.
  • They let us pull them away from their guests to take some of the prettiest night photos we have ever done.
  • The food at their wedding was the best food we have ever had at a wedding.

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