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Rainy Engagement Photos: Amber and Tyler | Saint Anthony Main | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Rainy engagement photos are awesome and I’ll tell you why.  I honestly hope that it rains every time we shoot.  I’m not like a lot of people.

Many people worry about rain and clouds when they are getting photos.  The fact is that if it’s cloudy, light is balanced.  There aren’t any harsh shadows across your face.  Although we enjoy all the light, clouds are our favorite.  We had shot at this location for a wedding a couple weeks back and were unable to shoot in certain places due to all the sun.  It was too hot and simply too bright for anyone to be comfortable. This was the first time it had been cloudy for us on a shoot this year.  It’s been so sunny and humid all season long.  Onto the rain.  When it rains, you get unique photos.  Not everyone will photograph in the rain, so if you do, you’ll get photos others normally wouldn’t. Hence, rainy engagement photos are awesome.

Amber and Tyler were one of the first couples that booked for our 2022 year.  We met with them in October of 2020, so it’s been FOREVER since we saw them.  That, in it of itself, was very exciting.  It seems we hadn’t seen everyone in so long and now we’re getting to meet up again for fun things.

They brought a yellow umbrella with them.  At first we thought it was due to the forecast, but it was actually in reference to “How I Met Your Mother”.  We LOVE when clients do pop culture references.  It means they are fun people and seriously, who else do you want to work with?

We shot in Saint Anthony Main, Nicollet Island, and then got to get the Grain Belt sign in the rainy photos.  I’ve never been down to that location, despite how many times Kyle has shot there.  He likes doing firework photos and night city photos there too. It’ll be almost another year before Amber and Tyler are married and we cannot wait!


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