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NYE Wedding: Kiah and Luke | Minnesota Winter Wedding Photography | Braemar Golf Course

Is there anything colder than a Minnesota winter wedding?  Not a whole lot.

There are a few things that can make a Minnesota winter wedding amazing.  One of those is the holiday season.  Kiah and Luke were married on New Year’s Eve.  We typically don’t photograph New Year’s Eve weddings, as we enjoy staying home and watching the Twilight Zone while eating Italian food on that evening.  However, if an opportunity comes along that we think would be a good fit, we make an exception. Kiah and Luke were one of those exceptions.  They contacted us two and a half months before their wedding.  Because of that, the planning was fairly quick on our end.

The day of the wedding was COLD.  Minnesota was given far more warm days than normal in 2021.  New Year’s Eve was not one of them.  It didn’t stop everyone from having an amazing day though.

Highlights of he day:

  • Falling snow!  It snowed throughout the couple photos and wedding party photos.  Falling snow has such a magical feel to it.
  • Everyone in this wedding pushed through and went out in the cold for photos.  If you have a winter wedding, do it.  It’s worth it.
  • Kiah’s brother was the officiant.  He was hilarious.   Made for such a great ceremony.
  • Bridal portraits in the snow.  SO PRETTY!!

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