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Tree Farm Engagement Photos: Jen and Bret | Hansen Tree Farm | Minnesota Wedding Photography

We were super excited to shoot this session.  Tree farm engagement photos are some of the best.  Because tree farm engagement photos are some of the prettiest!  That’s not the only reason.  Jen and Bret are not only friends of ours, but this was the second engagement session for them.  The other session was in the fall, whereas this has more of a Christmas feel.

This was shot at Hansen Tree Farm, one of our favorite locations to photograph.  We’re not alone.  There were SO many photographers there that morning.  However, the location is so large that photographers can shoot to their hearts content without running into each other.  The whole vibe at this session was just fun.  It’s that time of year when people are just starting to feel the holidays.  It’s when you’re getting photos done for Christmas cards.  There’s just a feeling in the air that is really positive and fun.  Right now, that’s what people really need.

The irony was that there was no snow.  There actually was a ton of it the weekend before, but it had all melted away by the time we got there.  Regardless, it was beautiful, chilly, and we all got to drink hot apple cider while there.  Also, despite the chill in the air, it was just a lot of fun.  Jen and Bret are getting married this September.  We are really excited to shoot their day.

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