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3 Ten Event Venue Wedding: Taylor and Carl | Faribault | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Okay, so you may have thought that we already shot this 3 Ten Event Venue wedding.  If you thought that, you would be right.

Last year, Taylor and Carl did indeed have a 3 Ten Event Venue wedding. And we photographed it.  But due to restrictions, they were not able to have their reception.  So we just photographed their getting ready, portraits, family and wedding party photos, ceremony, and the party bus.  Honestly, I feel like they did more last year than this year.  They then decided to have their reception this year at their venue.

The interesting thing about all these weddings that were postponed is how long we work with all the couples.  I always feel that we really get to know our couples and strive to.  However, the pandemic really amped that up to a higher degree. When you’re planning multiple events (or the same one multiple times) over the course of years, you can’t help but get to know them well.  We went to Taylor and Carl’s home on Super Bowl Sunday to discuss their wedding and I couldn’t help thinking, “This isn’t work.  How is this what I do for a living?”  We’re just getting to know people really well.  And in the end, that’s what really makes this so special.  We get to know everyone and then get to document one of the most special times of their lives.

Highlights of the day:

  • It got to happen.  After the last two years, that’s a miracle in it of itself.
  • We got to see everyone again!  I know, this is kind of a repeat, but it’s so fun when you walk into a room and know everyone.
  • Night photos!  We got to do quite a bit of them.
  • Taylor and Carl signed the wall.  I always say if I owned a venue, I would have couples do this.  They had two dates because of the split wedding.
  • They had appetizers instead of a full dinner and let me say, that was awesome.  Meatballs with pepper jack cheese – YUM. There was a lot more, but that was mainly on my plate.
  • Carl’s sister is one of our past brides.  That’s ALWAYS cool.  So we got to see that couple again.

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