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Hansen Tree Farm: Stephanie and Andy | Winter Engagement Photography | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Hansen Tree Farm never fails when it comes to the photography aspects.  We’ve been there numerous times in the last few months and it’s always great.

This time was different than the last few.  Despite it being one below zero (and feeling like ten below) Hansen Tree Farm was still amazing.  But seriously, it was so cold!  Funny thing was that this was actually a reschedule.  We were supposed to shoot this session a month prior, but it was too cold.  Well, when we shot it, it was actually colder than the first time.  But Stephanie and Andy decided to just deal with it.  So we all said, “Okay, let’s do this!” I loved that because that location looks so cool in the snow.

Being the true Minnesotans that we all are, when we arrived, we all had multiple layers on and hand warmers in our mittens.  I had three layers on, a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves.  Kyle probably had about the same.  And we were still cold.  But hey, there was no wind, so it’s FINE!! 🙂

Stephanie and Andy were just ridiculously candid in the best way possible.  We absolutely cannot wait to shoot their wedding because they were so much fun!  They just naturally rolled into poses that we work people into.  And, look, when it’s that cold, I don’t blame ANYONE for looking like they’re not having fun.  It’s hard.  You’re just focusing on staying warm.  But these two just had a field day with it.  So much, that we got done in twenty-eight minutes what normally takes an hour.  There was no need to stay out there and freeze anymore because we were able to just keep shooting them and get so many photos.

This again just tells you, if you’re doing photos, just have fun with it.  Do what makes you comfortable.  Whether that be where you are shooting, what you are wearing, whatever.  Have fun.


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