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North Shore Elopement: Sarah and Kyle | Bluefin Bay | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This weekend was super exciting because after a Saturday wedding, we hopped in the car to drive north for a North Shore elopement.  For those of you that have never been to the North Shore, you have to go. It’s so beautiful.  We’ve there when it’s hot, cold, rainy, snowy, super colorful, all of it.  It’s amazing.  Therefore, a North Shore elopement is even more amazing.  This was the last of our photo shoots in June and it was a really nice way to finish off the month. It had been a very busy one.  Going up north for two days, even if just for work, was a nice getaway.  It’s gorgeous up there and getting to photograph an elopement is just an additional perk.

Sarah and Kyle booked us back in January.  We hadn’t met them prior to the day, which is always a bit intimidating.  Walking in and essentially thinking, who is the bride and who is the groom, is a little daunting.  But we have done it in the past and will continue to do so.  It was a lovely day. They were married at Bluefin Bay in Tofte, which is a great venue.  We have photographed weddings there before, but my parents also honeymooned there when they were married.  So it’s got a special place in my heart.  My mom always gets excited when she hears we are shooting a wedding at Bluefin Bay.

Highlights of the day:

  • Getting married in the North Shore.  Seriously, it is such a big highlight.  Getting married on the shore of Lake Superior is so gorgeous.
  • Sarah’s dress.  Again, the dresses this year.  If you have been following our blog this year, you know what I’m talking about.
  • The changing weather.  This may seem like a crazy thing to have happen, but we went through all the weather except snow.  Because of this, the sky changed constantly, making for incredible photos.
  • Rain photography!  We brought umbrellas and totally utilized them.
  • The bridesmaids were so fun.  They helped at the state park and were so great to work with.
  • We went to a state park during a thunderstorm and the mosquitoes were out of control.  I’ve never had to edit mosquitoes out of wedding photos before.  100% worth it though. Such a gorgeous area.

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